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Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Black K-12 Parents (April 2021)

With case rates dropping rapidly, the pandemic appears to be winding down in the United States. Over the coming months, parents, teachers, and school leaders will make important decisions about how to pick up the educational pieces and move forward. Because Black students and families have experienced learning disruptions and other consequences of COVID-19 differently […]

Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Black K-12 Parents (March 2021)

In February, EdChoice increased our sampling of Black K–12 school parents to better understand their unique perspectives, experiences, concerns and preferences. Those views—particularly when it comes to education and schooling—can be very unique compared to other groups in the country, and reflecting information from which we all can learn. This work is part of our […]

Parents and Teachers Both Want More Learning Pods

We knew parents liked learning pods. It turns out teachers might be even more excited. When schools shut their doors in response to COVID-19, some parents worried their kids were not learning well through online instruction. Others feared a lack of social or emotional development. Among parents who transitioned to working from home, some felt […]

Will Hybrid Homeschooling Continue After the Pandemic Ends?

My new book, Hybrid Homeschooling: A Guide to the Future of Education, releases March 14. I wrote the vast majority of it before the pandemic, when hybrid homeschooling was confined to a small but dedicated group of educators and families in private, charter and traditional public school districts across the country. The coronavirus completely changed […]

The 2021 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

The EdChoice team has never experienced a year quite like 2020. Though we’re all eager to move forward, we couldn’t put it in the rearview mirror for good before bringing you our annual yearbook superlatives What better time than National School Choice Week to highlight some of the big school choice challenges and wins from […]

Beyond The Bus: Focus Grouping The Future of K-12 Transportation

When people think about kids getting to and from school, the image that likely comes to mind first is the traditional and iconic big yellow school bus. That image may evolve, however, as the pandemic and growing educational options for families change the logistics of the school experience. Will parents continue sending their kids to […]

Survey: But What About The Kids?

The debate over schools reopening during the pandemic has included a great deal of feedback from educators and parents. We’re not hearing as much from the students themselves. How are they feeling? Are they worried about catching the virus—and what do they think about safety protocol? Do they prefer remote learning or coming back to […]