Since COVID-19 turned the world upside down, our team of experts have been hard at work collecting data, analyzing fiscal effects, tracking new school choice efforts and checking in with schools to see how they are handling the crisis. Check out the list of pandemic-related resources below. Feel free to suggest any helpful resources not yet on our list to

Pandemic School Choice Programs and Funding

New Hampshire – $1.5 million in private school scholarships
North Las Vegas, Nevada – public-private partnership offers city-supported microschooling
Oklahoma – millions to help families access online courses and keep their private schools
South Carolina – SAFE Grants

Polling and Surveys

Schooling in America: COVID-19 & K–12 Education – a survey project by EdChoice and Braun Research
Schooling in America: Homeschooling Experiences and Opinions During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
Schooling in America: K–12 Education and School Choice Reforms
Public Opinion Tracker – monthly polling powered by Morning Consult
Survey: Private School Response to COVID-19 – a survey project by EdChoice and Hanover Research

Fiscal Effects of COVID-19

The Trillion Dollar Problem: Pandemic Puts State Pension Plans at Even Greater Risk
K–12 Fiscal Relief in the Aftermath of COVID-19
The K–12 Financial Cliff: What States Could Face if Students Switch Schooling Sectors

Navigating Pandemic Resources

Free Tools to Help Educators and Students Connect While Social Distancing
How Private Schools and Groups Serving Schools and Families Could Be Eligible for Forgivable Loans
COVID-19 Tax Implications for Charitable Giving

The Unbundling Series

The Unbundling Series: Introduction
Unbundling: Transportation Services 
Unbundling: Food Services 
Unbundling: Teacher Professional Development & Classroom Supplies 
Unbundling: Remedial Services 
Unbundling: Core Education Services

Private School Profiles: How They Are Handling COVID-19

The International School of Indiana
Christ Lutheran School
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School
Bishop Guertin High School
The Oaks Academy
Montessori Preschool
Partnership Schools
The Woodlands Christian

News and Commentary

August 28, 2020: What Parents Think About Getting to School During a Pandemic
August 27, 2020: Breaking Down Our National Survey Responses By Income, Political Affiliation and Community Type
August 25, 2020: National Micro-school Model Hoping to Make Inroads in Florida
August 24, 2020: Invasion of the learning pods
August 21, 2020: Why Parents Love ‘Pandemic Pods’ for School – but Bureaucrats Hate Them
August 18, 2020: DiPerna: A National Tutor Corps Could Help Students Learning Online, Ease the Burden on Parents & Create Jobs for Recent College Grads
August 15, 2020: Fact check: No, Joe Biden can’t ban school choice in Wisconsin, though he opposes vouchers 
July 23, 2020: The School Choice Now Act And The Fate Of Private Schools
July 21, 2020: US surgeon general says whether or not schools open ‘has little to nothing to do with the actual schools’
July 10, 2020: Do Not Tie School Funding To Reopening Full-Time
July 8, 2020: Archbishop’s perspective on education
July 2, 2020: Supporting all educational options serves the common good
June 24, 2020: How To Hybrid Homeschool This Fall
June 23, 2020: Let’s not forget about private schools
June 14, 2020: The Coronavirus Will Crush the Private School Industry
June 12, 2020: Covid-19 is killing Catholic schools — and hurting the minorities that attend them
May 29, 2020: Some NC lawmakers say COVID-19 aid should mean tax credits for private school families
May 27, 2020: What Can Traditional Schools Learn From Schools That Already Go Part-Time?
May 13, 2020: School choice can help ease Georgia’s looming fiscal issues
May 8, 2020: If Missouri wants to save its public schools, private schools need coronavirus aid, too
May 7, 2020: The private school plight with public school consequences
April 6, 2020: Three Tips For Schools Coping With COVID-19