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Four Ways Evidence Shows School Choice Can Help Teachers

From the 11-day teacher’s strike in Chicago, the nation’s third largest public school district, to a looming Statehouse protest in Indiana, teachers and their working conditions are making headlines. Teachers’ unions tend to oppose educational choice policies, but there are several ways expanding choice could actually help teachers. Here are the four big ones.   […]

Key Findings from the 2019 Schooling in America Survey

Americans’ satisfaction with K–12 education reached a 15-year high this year, according to Gallup. But do parents and teachers agree? Is there consensus among generations? Growing education reform efforts indicate there’s more under the surface. Our 2019 Schooling in America Survey with Braun Research measures American attitudes toward big issues in K–12 education and digs […]

Not All Teachers Oppose Inter-District Busing

In his recent Forbes column, my colleague Mike McShane highlighted new polling data that reveals public school teachers’ negative sentiment around inter-district busing, especially for the purposes of racial and economic integration: To be totally honest, this result surprised me. I would have guessed, perhaps prejudicially, that parents would be the most opposed and teachers […]

Where the “Funding Competing Systems” Argument Falls Completely Apart

The new “gotcha” argument from school choice opponents is that school choice is inefficient. Charter schools and private schools create redundancies by duplicating the services, systems and governing structure of public schools. Some even take it a step further and argue that choice robs from traditional systems, and if it would go away, all that […]

What You Need to Know from the Massive NCES School Choice Report

Last week, the National Center for Education Statistics released School Choice in the United States: 2019, a helpful collection of data on school choice patterns across the nation. As the report indicates, more and more families are making an active choice as to where to send their children to school, both within and outside the […]

The 10 Most Popular Episodes of EdChoice Chats

Where can you find Harry Potter, a hybrid home school, and first-of-its-kind research?  No, this isn’t a punchline. It’s our podcast, EdChoice Chats! Celebrate National Podcast Day with us by counting down our top 10 most-listened-to tracks of all time. To subscribe to our podcast for more great episodes, check us out on any of […]

Cool Schools: Season Two Roundup

In our Cool Schools podcast series, EdChoice’s Director of National Research Mike McShane spotlights some—you guessed it—cool schools across the country. McShane gets in the weeds, asking school leaders all the burning questions we education geeks care about. Season two of the series just wrapped, so if you’d like to binge those seven episodes and […]

Cool Schools: All-Boys High School Focuses on Building Brotherhood, Being Leaders

In this episode of Cool Schools, Kevin Festerling, founder of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School, recounts the institution’s first academic year. Festerling says, “Our job isn’t to create Lutherans. Our job is to be Lutheran.” Click to listen, or read the full transcript below. LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN ON STITCHER Our Podcast Transcribed Mike McShane: […]

Mapping Drive Times to Hope Scholarship-Accepting Private Schools in Florida

In many ways, Florida is at the top of the class when it comes to private schools and educational choice. Florida has a lot of private schools. In fact, only California, Pennsylvania and Texas have more according to the most recent Private School Universe Survey (PSS) estimates. And when it comes to the number of […]