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The 2019 “ABCs of School Choice” Handbook Features You Should Know

2019 ABCs of School Choice

Which new 2019 ABCs of School Choice features matter most? We boiled them down for you in the list below. Check them out, and don’t forget to pre-order your free print copy by hitting the button below. ORDER MY FREE ABCS The ABCs of School Choice is a comprehensive handbook to every private school choice […]

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2019 Edition

Ranked by Eligibility

At EdChoice, eligibility is one of the most important factors in analyzing a school choice program. We believe that all parents—regardless of geography, income or any other factor—should have access to the educational options that best fit their children’s needs. You can find specific program eligibility rates in this year’s ABCs of School Choice, or […]

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2019

EdChoice Share 2018

Where are America’s students getting their education? Which types of schools and educational settings are they choosing? MID-YEAR UPDATE: With the recent release of results from the 2017–18 Private School Universe Survey, this post has been updated to include 2017–18 private school enrollment data, 2017–18 homeschooler estimates, 2016–17 charter school enrollment data, and 2016–17 public […]

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs, 2019 Edition

EdChoice Spending Share 2018

Have you ever wanted to know how much your state spends on school choice programs compared to what it spends on K–12 education as a whole? Well, you’re in luck! For the third year in a row, I’ve run the numbers and ranked the states’ spending share on private school choice programs. Don’t see your […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, December 2018

December 2018 State Brief

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Montana Montana Supreme Court’s struck down the state’s tax-credit scholarship program on Dec. 24, 2018. Our Vice President of Legal Affairs Leslie Hiner issued a statement that said the court’s decision was “an extraordinary departure from years of legal precedent set by state, federal, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.” Attempts to stay […]

The School Choice Landscape Following the 2018 Election

After the recent mid-term election, we published our analysis of newly elected and re-elected governors and where they stand on the issue of private school choice. We also saw changes at the state legislative level that could have implications for educational choice. What do the election results mean in states that have existing school choice […]

Where Governors Stand on School Choice 2018

where governors stand on school choice

Wondering where the nation’s newly elected or re-elected governors stand on education reform—and specifically on the issue of private school choice? We’ve collected their public and campaign statements here.  Keep in mind that past support or opposition to K-12 private school choice does not mean a proposal will succeed or fail, but a governor’s position serves as a likely […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, October 2018

October 2018 State Brief

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION National Children receiving a better education thanks to tax-credit scholarship programs may soon see those scholarships reduced or eliminated as a result of a new federal tax rule. Secretary Steve Mnuchin of the Department of Treasury released a new IRS rule applicable to federal deductibility of donations to state tax credit programs, […]

How Tennessee’s ESA Spending Compares to Other States

Last month, the Tennessee Department of Education released the final expense report summary and enrollment data for the first full year of the state’s education savings account (ESA) program – known as the Individualized Education Account (IEA) program. I was curious to see how proportional spending within this ESA program compared to ESA spending in […]