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America’s Favorite Education Reforms: Do They Treat a Symptom or the Cause?

America's favorite education reforms

A new Friedman Foundation report released today found what education reforms were most popular, in terms of their perceived effectiveness, among surveyed adults. The graphic below shows where Americans ranked them in importance, with one perceived as the most efficacious, and seven viewed as the least efficacious.  When looking at Americans’ top three favored reforms […]

Support for School Choice Based on Political Affiliation and Race/Ethnicity

support for school choice and politics

In a new Friedman Foundation report, I used survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) to examine several specific questions about public opinion and support for school choice:  Is there a significant difference in support for choice based on reasons for school choice? (“Reasons” were defined as increasing equality, introducing competition, or facilitating […]

The Decline of “Voting with Your Feet” in American Public School Districts

Historically, American public school districts have been governed by locally appointed or elected school boards, and families (mostly) have been free to live in whatever school district they wished. Several decades ago, this system provided a large degree of choice for many families, but over the past 70 years, choice among public school districts has […]

Testing Educational Justice

Is high-stakes testing the best option for kids?

In “Spinning America’s Report Card,” Paul E. Peterson and Eric A. Hanushek wrote “…progress for American children came to a halt when the Obama administration stopped focusing on student test scores….” In today’s Wall Street Journal, the authors of the Friedman Foundation’s More Than Scores report, Jim Kelly and Ben Scafidi, provide a different perspective on […]

What’s “Wrong” with School Choice?

debates about school choice

American education would be far better off if, instead of asking that question, more school leaders asked “What’s so wrong with my school that makes parents want to leave?” But rather than do that, in May, David A. Pickler used Louisiana as a case in point for “what’s wrong” with school choice. The only problem is, events […]