Breaking Down the “2015 Schooling in America Survey”

With the close of another school year and a blossoming of expansive school choice programs this year comes curiosity about the progress of K–12 education in the United States. Is it advancing? Is it going well? How might it improve? Our recently released 2015 Schooling in America Survey aims to tap public opinion to answer those […]

Friday Freakout: Is School Choice Just Another Tool for Central Planners?

School choice and central planners

By now, just about everyone has heard about Nevada. The state, which didn’t have any private school choice programs, passed tax-credit scholarship and education savings account (ESA) laws in a single legislative session. In a news article I wrote for Watchdog.org, I noted that the ESA program wouldn’t cost taxpayers any more than they’re paying […]

Improving America’s Classrooms Through School Choice Part II

Improving America's classrooms

In a Part I of this series, I shared my wife’s and my history with K–12 public schooling before listing seven reasons why problematic public school classroom conditions have survived decades of education reform efforts. I discussed only the first three: Weak, often poorly targeted, incentives for educator effectiveness and parental involvement Classroom composition policies […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States May 2015

school choice in the states

Delaware – Doran Moreland @Dmoreland9 An education savings account (ESA) bill for students with special needs will soon be introduced in Delaware. The bill is expected to have bipartisan support. Delaware’s legislative session ends June 30. Nevada – Michael Chartier @mchart1 A universal ESA bill, SB 302, was passed by the legislature at the end […]

Breaking Down “Earning Full Credit”

Indiana is a national leader in school choice. Hoosier policymakers deserve credit for adopting innovative policies that help families enroll their children in the schools that work best for them. In addition to the nearly 30,000 students who received school vouchers last year, more than 11,000 students used tax-credit scholarships to attend schools of choice, […]

School Choice Could Alleviate Worry from New Population Trend

In 2030, the population of people dependent upon our most expensive tax-funded services—education and senior healthcare—likely will be the highest it’s ever been in American history.  Those increases in population will occur for a couple reasons: 1. Baby Boomers are retiring, and 2. The K-12 student population will continue to grow, exceeding that of the […]

Montana’s Universal Tax-Credit Scholarship Bill Simplified

Montana's universal tax-credit scholarship

UPDATE – December 11, 2015  This universal tax-credit scholarship has officially been launched in Montana. For the most up-to-date information on the program, including rules and regulations, click here to visit the program page. UPDATE – May 12, 2015 Montana Gov. Steve Bullock let SB 410, a universal tax-credit scholarship bill, become law without his signature. The Montana Constitution […]