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Parents of School-age Kids Need Tech Support

We all know the cliches about the coronavirus pandemic. It was “disruptive.” It “changed everything overnight.” It “highlighted existing inequities.” And on and on. But sometimes, cliches are cliches for a reason. The pandemic was disruptive. It did change everything (almost) overnight. It did highlight existing inequities. Just because we’ve heard people say it a […]

A Portrait of American Homeschooling in 2021

Throughout the course of this year, we at EdChoice have been conducting in-depth research on homeschooling in America. We were prompted by the reports, both anecdotal and statistical, that point to growth in homeschooling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But perhaps more than that, we wanted to inform the conversation about homeschooling, a […]

Some Nerdy Stuff About Education Polling

We here at EdChoice are big into polling. We have been  conducting our annual Schooling in America Survey since 2013 and started a partnership with Morning Consult last year to create our Public Opinion Tracker, which polls a nationally representative sample of Americans every month and a nationally representative sample of teachers every quarter. As […]