Douglas County Colorado Voters Choose School Choice

Douglas County CO school choice

Last night in a highly contested election, the four school choice candidates running to return to or join Colorado’s Douglas County School Board won. Although some headlines have focused on Jeb Bush’s, a Koch-funded nonprofit’s, and the teachers unions’ involvement in the race, it was the late Milton Friedman that prompted board members to dramatically reform […]

School Choice Assumptions: Suburban Parents

school choice assumptions

On any given Saturday evening in my suburban neighborhood a ritual takes place. Kids of all shapes and sizes pour into interconnecting back yards and start playing. Following closely behind, after the grass is mowed and the youth league games played, the adults pour out of the house with their glasses of wine or bottles […]

Fiscal Undercurrents Pulling Us Toward Universal School Choice?

Fiscal Undercurrents Pull Towards Universal School Choice

Much as the Gulf Stream sets the course for trans-Atlantic cargo ships, there are many unseen socioeconomic trends that push and pull on the movement of society and public policy. In the realm of K–12 education, there are two major fiscal trends that are silently pulling the United States toward a system that would allow […]

How Parents Feel about School Choice Then and Now

How do the nation’s first vouchers for students with special needs match up against the country’s first education savings accounts (ESAs) for students with special needs? As Led Zeppelin once sang, “Then as it was, then again it will be….” It’s been 10 years since researchers Jay P. Greene and Greg Forster (a Senior Fellow […]

Friedman: School Choice is Effective

effects of school choice

In reaction to our survey of Iowa voters, the University of Iowa’s independent student newspaper, The Daily Iowan, cast out some enticing bait in Jon Overton’s editorial “School choice isn’t effective”: “School choice is an insidiously popular option for trying to reform the education system. People like to think they’re in control, especially parents. And […]

Are Arizona Families Satisfied with Education Savings Accounts?

Arizona’s one-of-a-kind education savings accounts (ESAs), called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, are bank accounts eligible parents can use only for their children’s education expenses, current or future. The Arizona Department of Education issues parents debit cards loaded with funds, which amount to about 90 percent of what the state has already reserved for that child in […]

Transcending Partisan Views on School Choice

They do things differently in Iowa. And I mean they do so in a refreshing way. As I have talked with folks there, it is easy to pick up a “we are in this together” attitude when it comes to public education. And the idea of “public education” does not have to be defined by […]

Another Way to Save for College?

saving for college ESA

Let’s get hypothetical: What could happen if every student in Arizona had access to education savings accounts (ESAs), called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, and used the unspent funds to save for college? For those not yet familiar with the program, ESAs offer parents government-authorized savings accounts loaded with 90 percent of their child’s state education dollars. Whether […]