Happy Holidays from the Friedman Foundation

This year, the Friedman Foundation staff wants to celebrate the stories of some families who have benefited from school choice. From Georgia, Joyce Cordell-Huff Very often, generous people support worthy causes without ever really knowing just how much difference their contribution made in the lives of individuals. Our family wants to go on record for […]

Friday Freakout: Parents are Ignorant About Good Education

This week’s featured freakout comes from the comments section of a Washington Post op-ed by Valerie Strauss called “‘White suburban mom’ responds to Arne Duncan”. The assumption that parents are ignorant of the difference between a bad or good education in terms of their own children is one we hear often. A Friedman Foundation report proves […]

Friday Freakout: Commenters Working Together?

A respectful exchange appearing in the comments section of any website is a rarity, which is why we felt compelled to share this one. It comes from a Politico story called “Teachers unions face moment of truth”. Check it out and tell us about your experience speaking with someone with different views. Looking to have […]

Our #schoolchoiceWISH: That School Choice Opponents Would Answer This Question Already

The Friedman Foundation team reaches out to school choice opponents regularly on Twitter (@edchoice). Our intention is always to listen to different opinions and have a meaningful conversation. One question that school choice opponents continually skirt is: If your child’s safety were at risk in your zoned public school, what would you do? Why do they refuse to […]

Friday Freakout: Active Parents are Just Annoying

Today’s freakout comes from an anonymous Circle of Moms community entry titled “Why are parents so mean to teachers?” Take a look and read our take on this exchange below. Opponents of school choice say time and again that one of the key solutions for improving America’s education system is getting parents involved, yet many […]

Reasons the Public Education System Has Become Increasingly Centralized

Beyond just the consolidation of America’s school districts I outlined previously, there have been four sizable waves that have eroded public schools’ abilities to differentiate themselves in order to provide real alternatives for consumers of K–12 education. This decrease in educational diversity in the public education system is not consistent with the desires of parents who have a variety […]

Private School Leaders Respond to Critics: Steve Hicks of Center Academy

Private school leaders

In our first installment, Center Academy’s Vice President of Operations Steve Hicks responds to common criticisms of school choice and private schools. Center Academy is a small private school in Florida for students with unique needs who were falling behind academically or just through the cracks at their previous schools. The academy has been educating […]

Friday Freakout: Private Schools Have “Cut Rate Teachers”

Welcome to our new series, where every Friday we highlight online comments from stories we see posted by people impassioned about education. This week’s exchange comes from the comments section of the well-known Politico story, “Vouchers don’t do much for students,” and how some readers reacted to private school teachers. Have a look and tell […]

How to Become a Teacher: Public vs. Private

how to become a teacher

“Those who can’t do, teach,” goes the common refrain. But not among education reformers, many of whom say changing that attitude is the key to lasting systemic improvement in our schools. And research seems to back them up, as studies show teachers are the most important school-based factor in a student’s performance. So how does someone […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2013

school choice in the states

Colorado – Robbie Rhinesmith @rrhinesmith85 The most-watched education election occurred in Colorado, where four of the seven Douglas County school board seats – home to the nation’s only district-enacted private school voucher program – were up for grabs. School choice supporters won all four races, signaling that voters in Douglas County understand a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, […]