Friday Freakout: Cherry-Picking Better Than Nose-Picking, But Not By Much

Cherry Picking School Choice

School choice opponents have no shortage of unfounded arguments aimed at blocking parents from choosing the best educational fit for their own kids. One of their favorite talking points is that researchers “cherry-pick” data-driven reports that highlight only the most positive effects from school choice. Time and again, the Friedman Foundation and other choice advocates […]

Breaking Down “A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice”

As educational choice grows, so does the evidence proving it works. In today’s release of the fourth edition of a Friedman Foundation flagship report—A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice—author Dr. Greg Forster says, “Twenty years ago, before this body of evidence existed, there was some excuse for making policy based on speculation, […]

Education Market Failure? The Cost of Regulations on Private School Choice Programs

regulations on school choice

An Analysis of the Louisiana Scholarship Program Achievement Findings “The approach has been to regard any market failure, however minor, as a sufficient excuse for government intervention. The market has failed, therefore the government should step in. But this is a basic error, because it involves a double standard. There is not only such a […]

Friday Freakout: The Label You Give School Choice Programs Doesn’t Change the Facts

School choice programs labeled as welfare

Are school vouchers really a form of “welfare?” Recently, Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign argued in the Beloit Daily News that “truth in labeling” requires labeling the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program the “nation’s first scholastic welfare program” because the taxpayers are “picking up the tab.” Of course, following this logic, the Parental Choice […]

How the Friedman Foundation Estimates Educational Choice Program Eligibility

Educational Choice Program Eligibility

If you have ever seen a sentence on the Friedman Foundation website along the lines of “You Might Be Eligible For [a specific education savings account program],” or “You Might Not Be Eligible For [a specific voucher program],” then you have probably taken an educational choice eligibility test. The easier to design eligibility tests ask […]

Friday Freakout: The Straussification of Public Education

Straussification of Public Education

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss recently published an opinion piece, “The ‘Walmartization’ of public education,” in which she derides the Friedman Foundation for our work to empower families to choose the best educational setting for their children. Strauss’s arguments are ones we hear repeatedly from those who would prefer a one-size-fits-most, system-centered approach to K–12 […]